Kazakhstan – China: Where are the wagons?

The return of wagons from China increased to seven days, but usually it tooks two days, reports railway magazine « Railway Supply» citing information portal  Іnbusiness.

return of wagons

On the part of Kazakhstan, there are no restrictions on sending trains from Dostyk station to Alashankou, but China is extremely unsatisfactory in receiving, unloading and returning wagons. Up to 75% of the volume of cargo going to China from Dostyk station is containers. There is no shortage of locomotive traction along this line; moreover, there is its reserve. This allows Kazakhstan to deliver trains to the Chinа in time.

Problems start at Alashankou station, the main obstacle is the different gauge of the Kazakh and Chinese railways. Having accepted the cargo on their side, the countries must reload it onto their trains, and return the vacated wagons.

“However, now they simply do not unload Kazakhstani trains, and we do not receive returnable containers. As a result, we have to drive other, empty, trains to pick up the cargo that came from China. In the first ten days of December, we have already brought up 33 trains, “s aid Kanat Kobesov, Deputy General Director of KTZ-Freight Transportation.

As of 12/11/2020, 1133 Kazakh wagons were stationed on the Chinese side (Alashankou station). 372 covered wagons are there for more than a month. Besides them there are 350 gondola cars and 300 fitting platforms.


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