Igor Terekhov: Our plans include the renewal of rolling stock of Kharkiv metro, because these cars are outdated both morally and physically.

As «Railway Supply» reports, referening to РЕДПОСТ , in the interview to “Direct Speech” program on the 7th channel the First Vice-Mayor of Kharkiv spoke about plans and important aspects of the development and functioning of the city.

renewal of rolling stock
picture: city.kharkov.ua

About construcltion and development of Kharkiv metro:

“This year we start construction. We will build two stations: «Odeska» and «Derzhavinska». We’ll start this year, we’ll see how it goes, but I think in four years we will have these stations built. In any case, we have such a schedule. We were very serious about the resources for this project. For six years we have been negotiating and finally have ensured that two banks would give us a loan of 320 million euros with a very good interest and deferred payment. These funds are allocated for the construction of two stations and a depot, which will serve all the metro rolling stock. The next project where the money will go is the purchase of a new fleet. Our plans include the renewal of Kharkiv metro rolling stock, because these cars are outdated both morally and physically.”

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Earlier, the European Investment Bank approved the results of the tender on the renewal of rolling stock held in Kharkiv Metro. Two companies attended the tender: Kryukov Wagon Plant (Ukraine) and CRRC TANGSHAN CO., LTD (China). The proposals of both participants were in line with the specifications identified by the tender documentation and had acceptable warranty obligations. But according to the price criteria, the difference between these offers was more than 1 million euros, and the cost of spare parts and equipment for maintenance and repair of Chinese company was half of the other bidder. As a result, CRRC TANGSHAN CO., LTD. was determined as the winner which was agreed later with the bank.

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