The Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority has taken delivery of a 200-tonne flatcar that will be used to transport non-standard loads such as turbines for the construction of the Julius Nyerere hydroelectric power plant. It is reported by Railway Supply, referring to the Railway Gazette.


The car was ordered from CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock for US$1 million. The maximum load capacity of conventional 1067 mm railroad cars is 90 tons, and the weight of the components of the power plant being built by the energy company TANESCO reaches 200 tons.

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There is no paved road connecting the port of Dar es Salaam to the construction site on the Rufiji River, so the components are transported 220 km by rail to Fugu and then 20 km by gravel road.

“Now we are fully confident that all wide and heavy cargo will be delivered to Fuga for onward delivery,” said Deogratius Hondi, Procurement Specialist for the TANESCO project.

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