Rail Baltic Estonia signed the first two construction contracts this year for the construction of three railway crossings

The first crossing of the Rail Baltica line – the Saustinimme to Saku overpass – was built at the beginning of this year. Contracts for other important facilities were signed today.

First Rail Baltica contracts signed in Estonia in 2021

The first two objects will be built by AS YIT Eesti, and the Tagadi overpass by AS TREV-2 Grupp. The total cost of the construction of the Loone overpass and the Künka overpass is 5.3 million euros. The construction of the Tagadi overpass will cost 2.3 million euros. Construction work is expected to begin in a month, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Rail Baltica

80% of companies assess the conditions of purchases of Rail Baltica positively

“At the end of last year, we launched a dynamic procurement system for the construction of Rail Baltica overpasses. Construction companies have been actively responding to our purchases, and so far the competition has been fierce. This year we want to sign contracts for the construction of at least three more crossings and initiate purchases for the construction of other facilities”, said Tõnu Grünberg, Chairman of the Board of Rail Baltic Estonia.

Grunberg noted that the first construction contracts demonstrate that Estonian construction companies are very well prepared for the implementation of the Rail Baltica project.


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