Rail Baltica starts developing an energy subsystem

Rail Baltica starts developing an energy subsystem, aiming for 100% use of renewable energy sources, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail Baltica.

Rail Baltica starts developing an energy subsystem
Picture: Rail Baltica

The joint venture Rīga – Rail Baltica RB Rail AS has selected an engineering service provider (ENE Engineer) to deploy the energy subsystem of the Global Project. Association DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH; IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, SAU; Italferr SpA was announced the winner of the international tender organized by RB Rail AS. The value of the contract signed on April 23 is 23.2 million euros.

“This is an important milestone for the Rail Baltica Global project,” says Marc-Philippe El Beze, Technical Director of RB Rail AS. “By signing the contract, we begin work on one of the most challenging rail electrification projects in Europe. With its standard high-speed rail electrification projects of about 300 km, Rail Baltica is unique with its 870 km line. The deployment of the energy subsystem for the entire Rail Baltica Global line in a consolidated manner will fully meet the safety and interoperability requirements. ”

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The scope of the energy subsystem that will be deployed for the entire Rail Baltica Global project includes the following key components: high-voltage power lines for connecting traction electrical substations to public high-voltage power grids, traction electrical substations, an overhead contact system and an energy management system.

For several years now, even before the Green European Agreement, the authors of the Rail Baltica project have been discussing the environmental impact of the line, in particular with regard to the energy used to drive trains.

“We are proud to have made the commitment to use 100% renewable energy to power Rail Baltica. This is an important step towards our goal of building the Rail Baltica project as an environmentally sustainable infrastructure. Efficient use of renewable energy sources for energy production Rail Baltica is a key element that will make rail transport environmentally friendly and become an alternative to road and air transport in the Baltic States. We look forward to working with the relevant institutions in the Baltic States to achieve this ambitious goal, ”says Marc-Philippe El Beze, responsible for rail systems and operations at RB Rail AS.


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