Express Service MDD3 diesel shunting locomotive

MDD 3 diesel shunting locomotive is the smallest two-axle shunter. It is powered by two synchronized diesel engines that deliver 300kW of power.

diesel shunting locomotive
Express Service MDD3 diesel shunting locomotive

Shunting locomotives by Express Service are reliable solution to every shunting task. Express Service is the Eastern European leader in offering new shunting locomotives.

Due to a good choice of gearboxes, vehicle top speed could be adjusted between 15 and 60km/h thus customers select the optimal tractive effort. These locos are quite flexible not only in terms of top speed – their mass is adjustable from just 20 tons for metro and urban rail projects to 36 tons for heavy industrial shunting works. Hauling capacity is up to 1600 tons. This model is homologated in Ukraine, Kosovo, Macedonia but it is generally intended to perform in-yards at industrial sites, ports, factories.

Gauge 1435mm
Wheelset arrangement                                 B (two axles)
Diesel engines 2×150 kW CAT
Speed regulation Electronic
Dimensions UIC 505-1 (see drawing)
Wheelbase 4700 mm
Tara weight.28 t
Top speed 60 km/h
Wheels profile UIC 510-2
Min. continuous speed 15 km/h
Min. curve radius 60 m.
Max. allowed slope4,20%
Max. traction force 120 kN
Wagons brake UIC 540, 541, 542 and 544
Operating temperatures (-30) to (+40) C˚


Nowadays Express Service offers 3 series of diesel shunting locos and 4 types of battery-electric vehicles. All vehicles could be built within gauges between 1000 and 1600mm. MDD3, MDD4, ES600, ES1000, ES3000

Tsvetelin Kolev
Project manager
Express Service OOD
DZS, Ruse 7011, Bulgaria
Tel. +380 50 3252563
Tel. +359 88 7412838

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