Deutsche Bahn to acquire another 190 gigawatt-hours of green energy

Deutsche Bahn increases its share of electricity from renewable sources. Recently, the concern announced an agreement to supply another 190 gigawatt-hours per year from the Amrumbank West coastal wind farm in the Helgoland archipelago in the North Sea, reports Railway Supply citing information from DB.

Deutsche Bahn
Picture: Deutsche Bahn

DB currently holds about a third of the green electricity contract market share in Germany due to the deal. This allows reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere up to 153 thousand tons annually, in comparison with the supply of energy from coal-fired power plants.

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RWE is the partner of a 15-year green electricity contract. Previously, the agreement called for the supply of more than 260 gigawatt-hours annually from the wind farm.

Approximately 61% of the energy for traction of trains in Germany is already generated from renewable energy sources. In 2030, the share of green electricity on the railway should be 80%, and in 2038 – 100%.

Thus, contracts for the supply of electricity from renewable sources will gradually replace contracts involving the use of fossil fuels.


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