Deutsche Bahn to invest over 12 billion euros in 2021

Deutsche Bahn plans to invest 12.7 billion euros this year in a New Network for Germany. In particular, the record program will be applied to more than 1.9 thousand km of railway tracks and 2 thousand railway switches. In addition, the plans include renewal of railway stations and digitalization. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply citing a press release from DB

Deutsche Bahn to invest

This amount includes both DB’s own funds and receipts from the federal government and the Länder. It is more than in 2020 (12.2 billion euros) and, overall, is the most significant amount ever allocated for modernization, maintenance, new construction and expansion of the railway network.

An increase in the number of employees is envisaged for the implementation of the New Network for Germany program. DB in 2021 plans to recruit 2 thousand engineers and foremen, and 1.7 thousand workers. It is planned that only in the management of the reconstruction of stations there will be about 20% more employees than now.

At the same time, DB wants to implement important large projects in the future 25% faster and more efficiently. Digital tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) are intended to help.

One of the largest projects is equipping the high-speed line Hannover – Würzburg with approximately 1.3 thousand track monitoring sensors. In addition, in 2021, it is planned to equip the first sections of the Rhine-Alps cargo corridor with the European traffic control system ETCS, the introduction of digital blocking technology in Donauwörth in Bavaria and automated train management in Hamburg. Renovation of major train stations in Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Hanover and Munich is also planned.


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