Czech Railways announced a tender for the purchase of up to 50 multi-system locomotives

Czech Railways are returning to the idea of buying locomotives with the speed up to 230 km/h. A tender has been announced for the supply of up to 50 multi-system locomotives, reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» citing

multi-system locomotives
Picture: ČD

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Czech Railways seriously considered buying locomotives with the speed up to 230 km/h last year when conducting market consultations. As a result, this plan was abandoned and in May 2020 a tender was announced for the purchase of 200 km/h diesel locomotives. This is a framework contract for 90 locomotives, ČD guarantees the purchase of at least 40 units. The tender has not been completed yet …

“During the market consultations, we received information that manufacturers are currently preparing this type of locomotive, but now it is not on the market. We will return to purchasing locomotives with speed up to 230 km/h in the form of lease or purchase, later, depending on the market situation and production needs, ” said Michal Kraus, member of the Board of Directors of ČD

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Apparently ČD are returning to their plans. They rely on the fastest locomotives in their fleet to operate where that speed is required, such as in Germany (Berlin – Hamburg). A tender has been announced for the supply of up to 50 multi-system locomotives. The tender was published in the Public Procurement Bulletin. The subject of the contract is also a long-term contract for the maintenance of locomotives.


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