Czech automatic train control system tested

The Czech automatic train control system has been tested. On October 19, AŽD Praha tested its Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system on the Swiss Sierre-Zion line under the supervision of the ETCS signaling equipment. According to AŽD, it was “the first freight train in the world successfully operated by the Czech ATO under ETCS control,” reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» citing Zdopravy

automatic train control system
Picture: AŽD Praha

Kyiv Technical Fair

The Sierre-Zion line is equipped with L2 ETCS and SBB has also installed a section of the ATO line on it, which is connected to the mobile part of the locomotive. The train consisted of a DB Cargo Switzerland 185.141-9 locomotive and seven freight cars.

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AŽD’s ATO DriveSWing CRV & AVV system was installed on the locomotive, which communicated with the vehicle and the ETCS on-board unit. The communication interfaces were publicly available and interoperable, which means that ATO onboard section can communicate with ATO rail section of the other manufacturer. This was also the subject of testing during test drives.

Similar tests are planned for the UK rail network next month.


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