“AT-SIGNAL” LLC has celebrated tenth anniversary on September 29, 2021. Today the company supplies goods not only in Ukraine, but also successfully exports its products to the CIS countries and Europe!

railway microprocessor-based interlocking

The company is an engineering center, as well as a developer of its own devices and systems which are manufactured based on international quality and safety standards, informs railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to “AT-SIGNAL” LLC.

Among the most popular products of the enterprise, it is important to highlight Microprocessor axle counting system “SIGNAL” and Microprocessor level-crossing system APS-M.

Microprocessor axle counting system

Microprocessor axle counting system “SIGNAL”

MACS “SIGNAL” has a wide geography of implementation and is designed for safe and reliable control of the non-occupied and occupied state of the track sections. The system registers the train wheels with speed up to 250 km/h and is capable to operate with any type of traction and ballast condition.

The system has successfully passed certification for compliance with both Ukrainian safety standards and the European CENELEC standard with confirmation of the highest – safety level 4.

Microprocessor level-crossing system

Microprocessor level-crossing system APS-M

APS-M microprocessor level-crossing system has been successfully progressing and implemented within 10 years. During this period, three generations of microprocessor level-crossing systems have already been produced. For control of the train passing system well operates with modern axle counting sensors or track circuits.

APS-M central processing units are based on serial programmable controllers and have a modular structure.

The system software is designed in accordance with the IEC 61131 standard using industrial communication protocols. Flexible architecture and advanced diagnostics allow to minimize the client’s operating and maintenance costs.

Due to the availability of sufficient production capacity, as well as the use of own designed components, the company managed to achieve the minimum production time, as well as optimize the commissioning time at the operation site. Products supplied to the site require minimum labor efforts for installation and testing, which allows the Customer to do commissioning on site as soon as possible.

Company provides Service 24/7 for technical support of the customer, support with consultancy services, as well as provide professional assistance to resolve any issues on site.

10 years is a good basis for innovation and further implementation of all future plans!

We will continue to promote the high technical potential of Ukrainian engineers in the global railway infrastructure by offering the most modern digital solutions.

railway microprocessor-based interlocking

Director “AT-SIGNAL” LLC

Oleg Pozdniakov

tel.    +38 (057)-780-15-20
E-mail: info@atsignal.com.ua

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