KP “Odesgorelectrotrans” for the second time announced a tender for the purchase of new low-floor multi-section trams at the expense of a loan from the European Investment Bank.

A new tender for the purchase of trams with a European loan has been announced in Odessa

On June 16, a tender was announced in Odessa for the purchase of new multi-section low-floor trams with a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). But, unlike the first, which did not take place in 2020, there will be 12 trams, not 14.

The total amount of the loan provided by the EIB to Odessa for the purchase of new trams is EUR 20 million, to which at least another 20% (about EUR 4 million) from the Odessa municipal budget must be added as co-financing to reimburse VAT costs for the purchase. The loan term is 20 years at 2% per annum, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Thus, the price of one tram without VAT will be about EUR 1.66 million, and with VAT – about EUR 2 million. This roughly corresponds to the pan-European level of prices for new trams and the prices paid by other cities in Ukraine for new trams purchased with EIB loans or with their own funds (Kyiv and Lviv).

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According to the tender requirements, the railcars must have a completely low floor along the entire length of the cabin, 26-32 meters in length, have from 3 to 5 sections, the total capacity of at least 250 people with 55-65 seats. Width dimension – 2.5 meters (plus or minus 5 centimeters).

Acceptance of proposals from manufacturers – until September 7, 2021. All detailed information is on the link. The delivery times for the wagons are agreed in advance. The first trams must arrive in Odessa no later than 52 weeks after the signing of the contract, the rest – no later than 72 weeks after the signing of the contract. Despite the fact that KP “Odesgorelectrotrans” is indicated as the ordering party of the tender, almost all procurement processes are controlled by the EIB according to the scheme “the bank allocates money – the bank makes a purchase – the bank gives Odessa trams”.

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The first tender for the purchase of trams for Odessa with an EIB loan was canceled at the end of 2020. The reason was violations in the tender documents from all participants, which arose as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – and which could not be eliminated.

They promised to re-tender in February-March 2021. Then, in March 2021, the Ministry of Infrastructure spoke about procurement.

In total, three manufacturing companies entered the previous tender – either independently or in a consortium with other companies to create the financial solvency required by the bank.

The most expensive was the offer of the Chinese state corporation “CRRC” represented by the company “CRRC Dalian Co LTD”. The company offered 14 trams for 32 million 931 900 euros, or approximately 2 million 35 000 euros per tram. To this price should be added the taxes and customs clearance.

In second place in terms of price was the offer of the Electron concern – for 14 trams (most likely five-section, the same as in Kyiv), here they wanted 24 million 247.4 thousand euros – or 1 million 732 thousand euros for one tram ( without VAT).

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The offer of the Odessa manufacturer “Tatra-Yug” at that time turned out to be profitable – 14 trams were offered at 16 million 641.2 thousand euros or 1.19 million euros per tram. Most likely, we are talking about the Tatra-Yug-K1T306 tram model, which is undergoing factory tests and with which the company has already won an EIB tender for the supply of 20 cars to the capital of Ukraine at the end of November last year.

Also in Odessa, the assembly of partially low-floor trams continues by own efforts of the KP “Odesgorelectrotrans”. There are already three three-section trams “Odyssey-Max” and the hulls of the sections of the fourth such car are being purchased. There are six single cars “Odyssey” and 16 units of their earlier modification with the unofficial name “Kashtan”, and at least two more “Odyssey” are being assembled.


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