In cooperation with Go Vilnius, LTG Link invites you to feel the spirit of Christmas on trains to the capital of Lithuania.

A magical Christmas train ride!

From November 27 to January 2, 2022, passengers are offered to try special trips on the Kaunas-Vilnius and Klaipeda-Vilnius routes, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to LTG Link.

At the same time, there will be an opportunity to return home to Kaunas, Siauliai or Klaipeda. One Christmas carriage will be equipped on both train routes.

Lithuanian railways’ rolling stock maintenance company VLRD merged with LTG Cargo

The interior decoration of the Christmas carriage was designed by M. Petrushkevicius, who was inspired by the 19th century and the luxury of the Orient Express, on which the most prominent historical figures of the world traveled.

A magical Christmas train ride!

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