In particular, next year the work on the project will continue at the Central Station of the capital of Latvia and at the airport of Riga.

вокзала Rail Baltica

The Latvian Ministry of Transport has stated that the Rail Baltica project will be a priority in 2022 as well – 167.7 million euros will be allocated for the construction of a high-speed railway next year, 124.3 million euros of which will be co-financed from European funds. This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

The most important planned works are the construction of the Riga Central Multimodal Node, the connection of the railway with the Riga Airport and the further design of the main route.

“Currently, 263 km of the route is being designed in Latvia. As soon as some sites are ready, we will start construction immediately. Next year we want to sign an agreement on the preparation and construction of the Misa section – the Lithuanian border, this stage is the most technically prepared, “said Minister Talis Linkits. He added that the work will be carried out according to the planned schedule, so that the movement of trains in this direction can start from 2027, and thus Latvia will be connected to the European railway system.

CINEA signs a grant agreement for the Rail Baltica project

When developing a regional traffic plan within the line in early 2021, the design of 17 regional points – stations of the Rail Baltica route will begin.

Next year, the work of Rail Baltica will continue at Riga Central Station, where it is gradually being rebuilt into a multimodal transport hub, where it will be convenient to change from one mode of transport to another. 84.1 million euros have been allocated for the construction of the station in 2022.

The planned funding will make it possible to connect parts of the capital – the Old Town and the Central Market, and begin construction of a flyover at the international bus station. In this area, the construction of the load-bearing structures of the station will begin and the Rail Baltica railway overpass through Dzirnava Street will be built, as well as the railway infrastructure in the area of ​​the Central Station will be reconstructed.

Stargate and Operail to collaborate on a locomotive conversion project

Work will continue on the construction of the Rail Baltica railway station at Riga Airport and its connection with the city. The construction of access roads and reconstruction of engineering networks, as well as the construction of supporting structures of the planned high-speed line are expected at the territory of Riga Airport. For this purpose, the budget for 2022 plans to invest 20.4 million euros.

Work on the design of a two-level bridge across the Daugava will continue next year. The construction of the bridge is considered critical for the provision of freight on the new railway line and for the transport of goods to the logistics park in Salaspils in the suburbs of Riga.

At present, European co-financing in the amount of about 317 million euros has been attracted for the promotion of the Rail Baltica project. Negotiations are currently underway with representatives of the European Commission on the next distribution of investments in the new tender.

Additional opportunities for attracting investment from other financial instruments, including the Three Seas Initiatives Fund and the Military Mobility Fund, as well as attracting private flows and public-private partnerships, are also being considered.

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