VLRD: Modernization of the locomotive of TGM4 series

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot is modernizing the locomotive TGM4. The modernization period is three months. A new Caterpillar engine is being installed. Modernization of the TGM4 locomotive allows to reduce fuel consumption by 25 percent, and lubricants by 70%. The service life of the locomotive is 12 years. Modernization cost starts from €445 000.

Modernization of the locomotive of TGM4 series
Modernization of the locomotive of TGM4 series

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot provides:

  • TGM4, 2M62, M62, CME-3M, ТЕМ2 locomotives modernization
  • light and heavy overhaul of tractive electrical engines and generators (ED118, TE006, TD802, GP300, GP312)
  • maintenance service and overhaul of PD1M, 1PD4A, 6CN21/21, D49, К6S310DR engines
  • repair of fuel equipment, compressors and reduction gears
  • repair and maintenance of speed recorders, manometers and electrical equipment
  • design, production, processing and welding of metal constructions
  • spare parts for M62, TEM2, CME3 locomotives
  • axles ultrasonic examination

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot – a company of the Lithuanian Railways Group, the biggest and most advanced rolling stock repair centre in the region.

VLRD provides complex services of manufacturing locomotives, track machinery, as well as repair and modernising of freight wagons. The machinery manufactured and upgraded here is appreciated for quality, efficiency and reliability.

Вільнюське локомотивне ремонтне депо

Contact for cooperation:
Arūnas Petkevicius
Phone: +370 698 77902
Email: arunas.petkevicius@vlrd.lt
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/vlrd

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