Ukrzaliznytsia has signed a cooperation agreement with the Polish CPK with the intention of developing a European gauge high-speed rail line between Warsaw and Kyiv via Lviv. The cooperation agreement was signed during the Railway Direction Days in Warsaw organized by CPK this week. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailTech.


The main purpose of the agreement is the development of new cross-border communications between Poland and Ukraine on the European gauge of 1435 mm, in particular the construction of a high-speed railway line. The agreement is initially designed for three years, during which cooperation will be established through the creation of a working group, which should carry out the tasks of the high-speed railway through seminars, joint research, exchange of documentation and experience.

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The first step will be a joint feasibility study on the Warsaw-Lviv-Kyiv high-speed line, with an estimated maximum operating speed of 250 kilometers per hour. CPK declared its willingness to share knowledge and experience, as well as to transfer its technical standards for high-speed lines, as well as passenger transport models. The parties hope that cooperation will bring closer the construction of the first European-gauge high-speed line in Ukraine and will be an important step towards the country’s integration with the EU.

CPK and Ukrainian Railways will also jointly seek opportunities to obtain EU funding for the planned lines. The EU standards for the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure will be implemented in the plans, including for signalling and GSM-R communication. In the future, both parties also agreed to jointly develop a management model for the constructed lines. The signatories also declared their willingness to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine once the war Russia is waging in the country is over.

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