Since the beginning of the marketing year 2022/23 and as of December 2, more than 18 million tons of grain and leguminous crops have been exported from Ukraine. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.

grain transportation

Wheat supplies as of the reporting date amount to 6 million 867 thousand tons, which is 7.7 million tons less than in 2021/22 MY. Barley shipped abroad 1 million 480 thousand tons, which is 3.5 million tons less. Deliveries of corn abroad amount to 9 million 622 thousand tons, which is almost 3.7 million tons more than a season earlier. Also, 12 thousand tons of rye were delivered abroad against 82.6 thousand tons on the same date last season.

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In addition, 56.3 thousand tons of grain flour were delivered abroad (including 53.2 thousand tons of wheat), which is 3.9 thousand tons more than in the previous season. Prior to this, the rate of flour exports lagged behind last year’s figures.

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