A certificate was issued for a new model of a tank car for the transportation of chemicals, mounted on a bogie with a carrying capacity of 25 tons.

tank car

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply, citing information from UWC.

The first production of these freight cars has been completed and will be used by the transport and logistics company JSC RN-Trans. It is specially designed for the transport of chemicals with a density up to 1036 t/m³.

The tank car has a load capacity of 73 tons and a volume of 88 m3, which is 15 m3 (or 7 tons) more than other similar freight cars on the market, which are mounted on bogies weighing 23.5 tons.

Maximum efficiency and economy is achieved when using tanks for the transport of technical alcohols, liquid hydrocarbons and other liquid chemicals.

The value of Greenbrier orders for the quarter reached 670 million dollars

The tank is hermetically sealed and has a curved shaft design to ensure maximum drainage. An outlet valve is installed at the top of the tank to prevent overpressure and vacuum formation.

The new tank car has increased overhaul intervals, which gives a significant competitive advantage over tanks installed on bogies of the 18-100 type and other similar ones.

UWC hopes that the new tank car model will be of interest to more companies and intends to diversify its model range in order to better adapt to customer requirements.

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