At the end of last week, Ukrzaliznytsia introduced a number of conventions for freight transportation to Poland, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to the operator’s website.

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For the most part, the temporary ban applies to the transportation of agricultural products: grain and oil crops, products of plant origin.

Restrictions on transportation will be in effect from September 9 to 18 to Hrubieszów station, from September 10 to 20 to Szczebrzeszyn station. The initiative came from the Polish side. As Justyna Nowak, a representative of the PKP LHS company (the operator of the so-called European “wide gauge” 1520 mm track with a length of about 400 km), explained, the company is not able to process all cargo entering the LHS and asked to limit the shipment of grain.

UZ introduced a new restriction on railway transportation to Slovakia

Through the crossing of Izov-Hrubieszów, grain cargoes are mainly addressed to two stations served by PKP LHS. These are Hrubieszów (it performs two functions: a border station and a destination station) and Szczebrzeszyn (it is located 70 km from Hrubieszów, where the PKP LHS transshipment terminal is located). Due to the fact that grain cargoes undergo phytosanitary control for several hours, the work of the Hrubieszów station is significantly complicated, Justyna Nowak explained.

Also today, UZ introduced another convention for the transportation of goods to Poland, this time to Kołobrzeg station, where a trade port of regional importance is located. This ban applies to all cargo and will last from September 12 until it is lifted.

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