Rates for the transportation of grain in Ukraine and through Ukraine by rail with UZ wagons are currently being reduced. The latest data showed that the current rate is 74.44 euros/day. This figure is the lowest since August 2022. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailFreight.

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As specified, the data comes from auctions held in the Prozorro system, a public electronic procurement system where state and municipal customers announce tenders. With such rates, Ukrzaliznytsia emphasizes, rail transport can become much more competitive compared to road transport.

Development of a sustainable integrated HSR network in Central and Eastern Europe

Daily UZ rates for grain carriers have been rather unstable in recent months, with the highest peak in October (€290.78 per day). It should be noted that the data for January consists of a smaller sample, given that the month is still ongoing. However, UZ is showing some optimism about the future – in the near future, these rates may drop to 70.55 euros per day.

A decrease in UZ rates for the transportation of grain by rail in January 2023 is observed both in domestic and international communications. Rates for export shipments both for land crossings and towards ports will be set at around 52 euros per ton. They were reduced by 17 and 26 euros/t, respectively.

For domestic transport, the current rate is currently just over 41 euros per ton, which has been reduced by more than 34 euros. These rates take into account transportation for an average distance of 655 to 710 kilometers.

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