TMH International is building a depot worth 45 million euros. According to the contract signed at the end of 2020, Transmashholding will maintain 78 trains manufactured by Siemens and Stadler at this depot for 12 years. Trains are operated by the private operator Go-Ahead Bayern.

Transmashholding is building
Picture: TMH

The new depot will be one of the most modern in Europe and will operate on the principle of dynamic service, using modern technology. This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the information of the holding.

Stadler refuses to hand over built trains to Go-Ahead Bayern

A so-called digital duplicate will be created for each rolling stock unit, which will help to analyze the condition of all equipment components before the train arrives at the depot. This will identify possible defects and sources of problems at an early stage. Similarly, it is also planned to control all logistics processes, carry out personnel management and capacity planning.

The company will be equipped with a line to monitor the parameters of the wheelsets. With the help of Boom Software, specialists will be able to record the wear of wheelsets using sensor measuring equipment and plan further repair activities.

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