Stadler refuses to hand over built trains to Go-Ahead Bayern

Passenger operator Go-Ahead is ready to start transportation in Bavaria without Stadler-built trains. The companies were unable to agree on the participation of TMH International in the maintenance of these trains.

Stadler refuses to hand over built trains to Go-Ahead Bayern
Picture: Stadler

Private passenger operator Go-Ahead Bayern reported on 06/05/2021 that negotiations with Stadler had ended in failure. Go-Ahead Bayern intends to continue searching for a compromise and commission 22 FLIRT 3 trains from the Swiss manufacturer at the end of 2021. Otherwise, Go-Ahead Bayern will start transporting without using this rolling stock. It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Zdmira.

Disagreements between Stadler and Go-Ahead Bayern arose after Go-Ahead Bayern and TMH International (the international division of Transmashholding) signed a contract for the maintenance of the operator’s electric train fleet for 12 years. According to the German press, Stadler fears that the manufacturer’s new developments will end up in the hands of a Russian competitor.

Despite the signed contract, Stadler refuses to hand over the completed trains to Go-Ahead Bayern, as well as the technical documentation required to service the FLIRT trains.


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