Train wreck: Rotterdam and Montparnasse – 125 years difference between railway accidents …

November 2, 2020 – A subway train serving the city of Speikenisse, near Rotterdam, crashed into a barrier at the end of the track, and only a sculpture of a whale stopped it from falling into the water. The train is now suspended 10 meters above the footpath thanks to the whale’s tail and will likely remain there for a while. The sculpture by Maarten Struis prevented the catastrophe.

Train wreck

October 22, 1895 – the railway accident at the Montparnasse train station, one of the most famous and impressive train wrecks. The passenger train, unable to slow down on the slope, knocked out a dead-end stop, drove onto the platform, broke through the wall of the building and fell from a height onto the street. A catastrophe that became a sculpture!

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