At a meeting of railway workers with representatives of the grain market on Thursday, March 2, it was reported that as of February 28, the queue of freight cars to the Ukrainian border crossing was 17 thousand 183 units. Railway Supply magazine wrote about this, citing Rail.insider.

UZ queue

“If we take into account the average daily delivery of almost 2 thousand wagons, the total queue is approximately 9 days,” said deputy director of the department of commercial work UZ Valery Tkachev. He added that traditionally the situation at different crossings is not the same.

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The biggest queue is for the crossing Batevo – Eperjeske – 3 thousand 414 wagons, or 17 days. The second place is held by Chop-Chierna nad Tisou. There are 4 thousand 204 freight cars (14 days). However, these are queues of wagons with different goods. If mainly grain wagons go through Batevo, then ore wagons go through Chop. The third place in the queue of wagons is Uzhgorod – Matevtsy.

Recall that in mid-February the queue was less than 15 thousand wagons.

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