On January 7 this year at the Zidani Most railway station (Lashko municipality in Slovenia) at 1:38 a.m., a freight train derailed. A Norca-type wagon loaded with a transformer substation overturned. One person was seriously injured and extensive damage was made to infrastructure, Railway Supply magazine reported, citing Kurier Kolejowy.


Nearly three weeks after the accident, the 300-tonne transformer is still at Zidani Most railway station. On Sunday, January 22, 2023, Felbermayr workers removed the Norca wagon, which was loaded with a transformer substation, using two Liebherr cranes.

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To minimize traffic disruption, work is carried out between train arrivals and delays are kept to a minimum. A 1000-ton crane will arrive in a few days, but before that everything needs to be prepared. First you need to dismantle part of track No. 3 along the length of the transformer. You will also need to remove the contact network.

The transformer will be lifted to the platform where the crane will stand, and then the tracks will be repaired so that a new, specially adapted train can run on them. A load will be placed on it and, instead of continuing the journey, it will be delivered back to the manufacturer.

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