ÖBB completed its “biggest electrification project in years” with a major overhaul of the Marchegger Ostbahn. The project, completed on Thursday, allows the commissioning of the Cityjet low-floor rolling stock. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailTech.


Work on the Marchegger Ostbahn included the electrification of a 37 km section of the railway, as well as the upgrading of seven new stations in Lower Austria. In addition, all railway crossings were replaced with overpasses and underpasses. Finally, car parks have been improved to allow passengers to easily transfer to trains. The trip from Vienna to Marchegg will be shortened by 5 minutes as soon as the new timetable comes into effect on Sunday.

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In the next three years, ÖBB will work on expanding the Marchegger Ostbahn to two tracks along its entire length. Work on this project began at the beginning of this year.

On Wednesday, ÖBB also opened the newly electrified Rosentalbahn. Over the past 1.5 years, the operator has been working on the electrification of the 12 km railway between Klagenfurt and Weiselsdorf at a cost of 50 million euros. As part of the work, the 67-meter Hollenburg bridge was also upgraded. Carinthia plans to electrify all passenger rail lines by next year. In the current decade, the state hopes to receive 650 million euros of investment in infrastructure.

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