The first freight train from Iran to Afghanistan

The first freight train has delivered more than 400 tons of cement from Iran to Rosnak in Herat province. Though the grand opening of the new railway is scheduled for December, informs Railway Supply magazine citing the Railway Gazette.

freight train from

The Afghan Railways Authority reports that this railway line is one of the most important regional projects, as it will provide access to the sea, links to Iranian ports and the rail networks of Iran, Turkey and Europe.

Freight traffic is projected to be about two million tons per year, with oil, construction materials and food being imported, while grain, dried fruit, plants and medical supplies being exported.

AfRA said it is also considering serving passengers. Calculations during the start of railway line operation showed that the passenger traffic can reach 321000 passengers per year, and cargo – 6.8 million tons per year.

The new line is the first 1435 mm gauge route in Afghanistan and meets the Iranian and Turkish gauge railway standards. The 75-kilometer Uzbekistan-Mazar-i-Sharif line and two short cross-border railway lines from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan are 1520 mm gauge.


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