The first ship with a batch of 30 thousand tons of iron ore from Ukraine was sent from the seaport of Świnoujście to Poland.

Ukrainian ore

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to

The raw materials were delivered to the port by rail, loaded at the Gurnikov dock and sent to the customer in Algeria.

“Now there are more than 50 thousand tons of iron ore of Ukrainian origin in the warehouses of the port. Taking into account the concluded commercial contracts with partners from Ukraine, we are preparing for cargo handling, in particular, we are implementing an investment program, including the preparation of storage areas and the purchase of mechanized equipment,” said Karol Bovzhik, head of the port of Świnoujście.

Also, 17 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn are expected to be loaded in the port.

In connection with the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, trade routes were severed. Cargo from Ukraine is increasingly coming to Polish ports by rail and then by sea to recipients, in particular in Africa.

The port complex of Szczecin-Świnoujście provided a reserve for the cargo flow sent from the region, the press release states.

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