Tender: Construction of the second part of the high-speed railway line Psherovo – Ostrava

The Czech Railways Administration has announced a tender for the preparation of documentation on the building conditions and environmental conditions for the construction of the second part of the high-speed railway line Psherovo – Ostrava (VRT Moravská brána), reports the railway magazine «Railway Supply» citing на Nakolei.

of the high-speed railway line
Picture; Wiki Commons

Ultimately VRT Moravská brána will become part of the future RS1 route: Prague – Brno – Ostrava – Katowice.

The main purpose of the preparatory documentation will be to design a new line within the government’s concept of high-speed rail transport. Additionally, the contractor has to carry out environmental studies. The main goal of the contractor will be to obtain a positive EIA conclusion and a decision on the development conditions.

The estimated time frame for the main part of the public procurement is 14 months from the date of entry into force of the contract. The estimated order value is up to CZK 320 million.


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