Škoda Transportation: Škoda Vagonka celebrates 120th anniversary in Ostrava

On Saturday, December 12, exactly 120 years have passed since the founding of the current Škoda Vagonka by Adolf Shustala in Studenka. Of course, much has changed during this time. There have been many innovations, informs Railway Supply magazine.

Škoda Vagonka

Over time the company moved to Ostrava, where its current owner, Škoda Transportation, is building additional production facilities under a project called Nová Vagonka for 1 billion kroons. At the same time, they plans to employ twice as many people from his region, and this number will increase to 900.

Škoda Vagonka is a manufacturer of passenger rail vehicles, with production program focused on electrical units for suburban transport, rolling stock, light regional vehicles and passenger trailers. The firm also provides full vehicle maintenance, repairs, upgrades and spare parts.


Škoda Vagonka: Production of new trains for South Moravia

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