Rolling out the mats for safety

Metrolinx recently reported on the pilot program that saw the installation of rubber anti-trespassing mats (ATPs) at select level crossings across the GO rail network

Rolling out the mats for safety

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The hard and uneven surface of these rubber panels creates it nearly impossible to walk over and makes people think twice before they trespass into the rail corridors. They look shaky, and it’s hard to step on them. Installed for safety at railway crossings, mats have showed positive results.

“The mats were installed at the Stopbank Road junction in Mississauga and two other locations as a trial. Almost immediately we noticed a sharp decrease in the number of pedestrians at this site,” Metrolinx’s track infrastructure manager Robert Netopilik said.

At the same time, Metrolinx is looking at a number of other initiatives aimed at improving safety at crossings. The main goal is to minimise delays, improve safety for the public and better protect Metrolinx-owned rail crossings, «Railway Supply» reports.

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And while Metrolinx usually lays more convenient routes for customers, in this case these routes are the last place you want to go!

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