RegioJet will acquire 15 new multisystem locomotives

Private carrier RegioJet will acquire a total of 15 new Bombardier TRAXX MS3 locomotives in the Czech Republic next year, infroms Railway Supply  magazine citing Webnoviny.

will acquire multisystem locomotives
Foto: archívne, RegioJet

According to RegioJet owner Radima Jančuru, this is the largest investment in rail transport in the history of the company, which plans to strengthen its position in the Central European region in 2021.

Aleš Ondrůj, PR manager and representative of RegioJet, said that the company has already purchased 2 Bombardier TRAXX MS 3 multisystem locomotives from the manufacturer.

In addition to the new RegioJet locomotives, it intends to invest in expanding its rolling stock in 2021. In addition to the 50 wagons that the company received this year, at least 70 more wagons will be purchased.

RegioJet will open a new route from the Czech Republic through Poland to Ukraine next year, but  also plans routes that will not pass through the Czech Republic or Slovakia at all, which will enable the company to become a carrier in Central Europe.


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