Overhaul and restoring repair of traction units of PE2M, PE2, OPE1AM, OPE1BM series.

The modernization of traction units is carried out not only in the scope of restoration of the electric locomotive, control and traction unit while maintaining the principles of power equipment of the electric locomotive and using the existing traction equipment in all modes of its operation, but also solving new problems through the use of modern software and technical solutions in terms of the control system and diagnostics.

Quarry electric locomotives repair
Quarry electric locomotives repair

Modernization of quarry units involves improving their traction characteristics, reducing operating costs, maintaining their reliability and service life. Modernized electric locomotives meet state standards, instructions and norms, as well as sanitary rules and ergonomic requirements.

The scope of modernization of units of the series PE2M, PE2U, OPE1AM, OPE1BM also takes into account the replacement of existing reciprocating compressors with rotary vane or screw type compressors, as well as DC fan motors for asynchronous ones.

Львовский локомотиворемонтный завод

PJSC ” Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant ”

Address: 79018, Ukraine, Lviv, 1A Zaliznychna Street

Tel./fax.: +380 32 233 30 25

Stadnytskiy Oleksandr Mykhaylovych (stadnytsky_om@llrz.com.ua)

+380 67 802 0626 Acting Chairman of the Board of LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC

Nazarkevych Pavlo Volodymyrovych (nazarkevych_pv@llrz.com.ua)

+380 67 340 5487 Administrator LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC




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