Kievguma is one of the biggest manufacturers of rubber and technical goods and rubber mixtures in Ukraine. One of the key company directions is manufacture of unmoulded goods supplied to satisfy the needs of Ukrzaliznytsia.

«Киевгума»: Линия по производству резиновых уплотнителей Rubicon

Thus, for example, Kievguma has supplied the rubber sealers for Ukrzaliznytsia trains many times. We have also developed and produced the rubber mixtures according Ukrzaliznytsia technical specifications for the further production of special goods by the customer, informs the Railway Supply referring to the manufacturer.

“Every month Kievguma manufactures more than 30 new moulded and unmoulded goods (sealers) used in various industries, especially in the railway industry. Kievguma production facilities allow manufacturing of more than 1000 tons of sealers per year. The number of raw rubber mixtures produced by our enterprise includes more than 150 items”, – says Andrii Slukhai, the Production Director – “Kievguma can cover practically all needs of Ukrzaliznytsia in rubber products of any complexity, the question is only in the demand.”

Let us remind you that the own laboratory for physical, mechanical, chemical and analytical testing of materials and goods, certified by the National Agency of Ukraine is located on the territory of the enterprise.

резиновых смесей

Kievuma manufacturers not only the rubber mixtures or goods corresponding to the customer’s technical requirements, the enterprise develops mixtures recipes on its own providing complete compliance with all the indicators – hardness, relative elongation, firmness, abrasion, ozone resisting, frost resisting, etc.

Moreover the company has 33 services including a construction department developing drawings for equipment, a tools workshop with modern equipment manufacturing forms and die holes, etc.


Kievguma ─ a sponsor of M.Kravets Prize ─ awarded a winner

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