Port “Yuzhny” has determined the design of the new wagon dumper

Last week, there was an online meeting of the management of SE MTP Yuzhny and representatives of the German company Schade Aumund Group, a manufacturer of port equipment and machinery. During the meeting they discussed the possibility of supplying vehicles for complexes of imported cargo and a new wagon dumper. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the press service of the port.

wagon dumper
Picture: www.port-yuzhny.com.ua

A representative from Schade demonstrated the latest types of wagon dumpers which ensure unloading of rolling stock with high efficiency and safety. In particular, “the optimal scheme for automatic operation with a maximum capacity of up to 40 wagons per hour with one dumper” was provided.

“Finally, the layout of the car dumper has been determined, partnership has been established and the project for modernization of port equipment has been launched,” noted Sergei Kovshar, acting director of State Enterprise “MTP“ Yuzhny”

Manufacturers offered the modern methods of diagnostics and control of objects with the preparation of three-dimensional model of the machine using laser scanning. Tolerance is up to tenths of a millimeter.


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