PKP Cargo Connect increases containerized timber shipments to China

The Polish company PKP Cargo Connect, a member of the PKP Cargo group, transported more than 3 thousand containers of timber to China in 2020, organizing a complete supply chain as a logistics operator. China’s growing interest in importing raw materials from Europe means that wood will have an increasing share of exports to China, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing information from PKP Cargo.

PKP Cargo

The wood that is sent to China comes from outside Poland. The suppliers are companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. The containers are then sent by rail or sea to China. Transportation is carried out using terminals in Gliwice and Wroclaw, as well as in Kąty Wroclawskie, where containers are loaded onto trains that go to Malaszewicz and Brest.

In 2020, the company dispatched an average of about a dozen of these trains per month.

It is noted that climate change has become one of the reasons for the increase in timber harvesting in Europe. Weather conditions weaken the protection of trees, which encourages the proliferation of bark beetles and other pests that destroy vast tracts of forests in Central Europe. This forced large areas to be cleared in the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia and thus resulted in an oversupply of wood raw materials on the European market.


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