There is an exhibition of photographs of the war between Russia and Ukraine was opened, on the platform of the Vilnius railway station, where transit trains from Moscow to the Kaliningrad region and back stop.

Passenger trains

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply, citing information from LTG.

Lithuanian Railways, together with the club of press photographers, selected a total of 24 photographs reflecting the realities of the war.

“This exhibition aims to disseminate information about the war waged by the Russian authorities. We have selected images that emotionally convey the cruel reality that the people of Ukraine are now facing. With this exhibition, we want to spread the message as widely as possible that it is impossible to escape reality in a free country,” says Jonas Staseli, president of the Lithuanian Press Photographers Club.

Passenger trains

Transit trains run daily from Moscow to the Kaliningrad region and back. There are also trains from Adler and St. Petersburg.

At the Vilnius railway station, they plan to stop these trains every time so that passengers can see the photo exhibition. On average, 100 transit trains pass to and from Kaliningrad every month. As previously reported, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia called on the EU to stop road and sea communication with the Russian Federation.

Passenger communication with the aggressor country has already been closed by the Finnish railway.

Passenger trains

Passenger trains Passenger trains Passenger trains

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