Optimal solution for truing locomotive wheels

To reduce the risk of locomotive derailment and destruction of the railway track, it is necessary to true wheelsets regularly. Carrying out timely truing of wheelsets helps to increase the service life of the wheelset, reduce the time required for truing, therefore, reduces the downtime of railway equipment.

Optimal solution for truing locomotive wheels

One of the beneficial aspects of WTL8200 is that it is totally portable and can be used in the workshop or right out in the field If there is a need to true the wheels at any time or at any place, it can be done! There is NO need to remove the wheel set.

Interpipe will open a wheelsets workshop for the EU and the USA

WTL820 also eliminates the cost associated with shipping the wheel set to a reconditioning facility, or sending the entire locomotive to an in ground truing system. The down time is drastically reduced and is controlled by end-user.

The process is easy to setup and operate with minimal training. There is no need to know how to run a machine or computer, as the controls are preset to function in a controlled order and no programming or changes are necessary to the program. All you need to do is control the depth of cut, the RPM of the wheel, and the feed rate of the machine.

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