Norske tog has awarded Alstom a new contract worth over €230 million for the supply of 25 additional six-car Coradia Nordic regional trains, expected to enter service from 2027. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, citing Railway Pro.

Norske tog

The new Norske tog regional trains “Class 77” will operate suburban and high-speed service between Ski and Stabæk in the greater Oslo region. The expanding train fleet will provide improved transport services in the busy region. These trains have been specially adapted to meet the needs of the Norwegian rail network and are fully suited to Norwegian weather conditions.

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The new single-deck trains have a top speed of 200 km/h, providing a fast and comfortable ride in a spacious and relaxing environment. The trains will be equipped with Alstom’s digital ERTMS, a European-standard on-board signaling system that ensures continuous safe train traffic and overspeed protection. Trains will be able to operate both on tracks equipped with the outdated Norwegian signaling system and on new tracks equipped with ERTMS, which are currently being rolled out.

Coradia Nordic is a state-of-the-art, low-floor, high-performance electric train. The standardized train is a single universal platform that meets the requirements of regional and intercity transportation.

The Norwegian operator and Alstom have signed a framework agreement for 1.8 billion euros for the supply of 200 trains with a firm order for 30 cars for a total value of 413 million euros. The ordered trains are in production, with deliveries due to begin at the end of 2025.

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