Moscow Metro launches tender for 1360 new metro vehicles

MOSCOW Metro has opened bidding for a tender to supply 1360 new-generation metro cars by 2023.

The operator plans to launch the new rolling stock on three lines: Line 6/Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya, Line 5/Koltsevaya and Line 11/Bolshaya Koltsevaya lines between 2020 and 2023

Lifting equipment manuals, technical specifications and parts catalogs

Moscow Metro says the new coaches will provide greater accessibility and comfort for both drivers and passengers, with comfortable interiors, reductions in noise and vibrations, and expanded doorways and inter-coach gangways, which will be 15% and 60% larger respectively. LCD screens will also be installed in coaches to display passenger information such as timetables, along with 360 USB ports.

Electronic catalog of spare parts for deisels and locomotives

In addition, the new cars are also planned to include air-conditioning equipped with ultraviolet air disinfection systems, similar to those installed in the network’s existing fleet of 81-760/761 Oka and 81-765/766/767 Moscow coaches. Moscow Metro is also considering the possibility of other decontamination devices in future to improve hygiene on services.

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