Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant: Overhaul of auxiliary electrical machines

The functionality of the electric locomotive units with the given parameters is provided by various devices and mechanisms. As a drive for these devices they use three-phase asynchronous motors (powered by asynchronous asymmetric phase splitters) and low-voltage DC motors (powered by a battery).

Overhaul of auxiliary electrical machines
Overhaul of auxiliary electrical machines

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant provides overhaul of the following auxiliary electrical machines:

• NB-110, NB-429A, NB-430A, NB-431A, NB-436A, NB-436V, NB-453, NB-455, NB-455A,

• AE-92-4, AP-81-4, AP-82-4, AS-81-6, AS-82-4

• TL-110M, TL-122

• P-11M

• DMK-1/50-U2, DK-405K

• DT-51 DT-53, DT-61A, DT-63

• ETV-20, ETV-21

Due to a large number of technological developments, quality control at all stages of repair of electric locomotives and manufacture of spare parts from high-quality materials, our company provides the products and services that helps to save on electricity consumption and maintenance of rolling stock.

• Overhaul and modernization of AC electric locomotives

• Overhaul and modernization of DC electric locomotives

• Overhaul of AC traction electric motors

• Overhaul of DC traction electric motors

• Overhaul of auxiliary electric machines

• Overhaul with the modernization of traction units

• Wheelsets repair

PJSC ” Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant ”

Address: 79018, Ukraine, Lviv, 1A Zaliznychna Street

Tel./fax.: +380 32 233 30 25

Stadnytskiy Oleksandr Mykhaylovych (

+380 67 802 0626 Acting Chairman of the Board of LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC

Nazarkevych Pavlo Volodymyrovych (

+380 67 340 5487 Administrator LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC


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