LTG Cargo founds railcar rental company LTG Wagons

The Lithuanian national railway carrier LTG Cargo has established a company to take over the railway car rental business. The company will start operating in January 2021. Currently, 10 percent of the carrier’s revenue comes from rolling stock leases, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports citing Portaltsl.

railcar rental company
Picture: LTG Cargo

LTG Wagons will specialize in car rental at prices that are beneficial to all operators. After its founding, LTG Cargo will only deal with cargo transportation.

The wagon rental competence will be concentrated in the new organization in order to strengthen its position in the wagon rental market, says Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LTG Cargo.

LTG Cargo cites other examples of rolling stock rental companies: PKP International (PKP Cargo Group) and Ermewa (SNCF Group).

Currently, over 12000 wagons are registered in Lithuania, including 7500 belonging to LTG Cargo.


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