Lithuanian railways’ rolling stock maintenance company VLRD merged with LTG Cargo

Vilniaus Lokomotyvų Remonto Depas (VLRD), a company within Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways or LTG) Group, and the freight company LTG Cargo have joined forces. On 1 April, VLRD became part of LTG Cargo from now on to operate as one company. This change is aimed at consolidating competencies for business activities and generating higher value for the LTG Group. This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the Lithuanian Railways

As a result of this change, VLRD has been integrated into LTG Cargo organisation to further provide rolling stock repair and modernization services in the market under the new brand LTG Tech. The new and easy-to-remember identity is part LTG Group’s renewal to mark a new stage in aiming to build stronger positions through competing for rolling stock maintenance contracts in Central and Eastern Europe.

LTG Tech – The largest and most modern rolling stock repair center in the region

“The synergies of both companies pave the way for increased efficiency of LTG Group, as well as for its higher competitiveness and greater value creation. We have ambitions in terms of expanding business across international markets. The combining of carrier and rolling stock maintenance businesses will allow us building stronger positions in those markets as we will provide a wide range of services from one hand,” – says LTG’s CEO Mantas Bartuška.

LTG Cargo Group comprises the subsidiaries LTG Cargo Polska, LTG Cargo Ukraine and LTG Wagons.

LTG Tech provides integrated rolling stock and freight wagon repair and modernisation services in Central and Eastern Europe and operates the repair depots in Vilnius, Radviliškis, Kaunas and Klaipėda.

About LTG Cargo 

It is an international company operating in Europe and Asia. Core business covers freight transportation by rail. LTG Cargo holds one of the largest rolling stock fleets across the Baltic countries. The company mainly transports chemical and mineral fertilizers, oil and its products, construction materials, food, and plant products. The Company is also actively engaged in intermodal projects – container and semi-trailer transportation. LTG Cargo includes the subsidiaries LTG Cargo Polska, LTG Cargo Ukraine and LTG Wagons.


VLRD: Modernization of the locomotive of TGM4 series

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