KVSZ told how to improve the situation with domestic railcar building. A plan to improve the situation was presented at the Kryukovsky Railcar Building Plant.

KVSZ told how to improve the situation with domestic railcar building

This happened during a working meeting of heads of industrial enterprises of the region with the governor of Poltava region, reports Railway Supply magazine

At KVSZ offer:

  • to fulfill the tasks set by the President of Ukraine – to purchase 100 passenger cars, sign an amicable agreement on diesel trains and deliver them;
  • to stop the import of expired rolling stock from the Russian Federation;
  • to introduce medium-term planning (at least for three years) for the purchase of rolling stock;
  • to plan the renewal of the railway sector: to draw up a plan for the purchase of freight cars in the amount of 12-15 thousand units annually and the schedule of writing off old cars;
  • to oblige at deliveries to Ukraine of railway production on import to provide localization not less than 30%.

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Also during the meeting, Alexander Peryshkin, director of the corporate management department of the Kryukovsky Railcar-Building Plant, drew attention to the fact that due to insufficient workload, the salaries of KVSZ employees have now fallen, and contributions to budgets at all levels have decreased. As a consequence, there is an outflow of qualified personnel.

The governor of the region Oleg Sinegubov, in turn, said that he would initiate a meeting with the new Minister of Infrastructure on all issues problematic for KVSZ. He stressed that meetings with the Minister of Infrastructure and the management of Ukrzaliznytsia are a priority step they should take together with KVSZ.


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