Innovative rail maintenance equipment by ROBEL

ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH, situated in South Germany, produces a wide range of hand-guided machines with customized fittings and equipment for track construction and maintenance. These core products are complemented by a series of complex track vehicles and individual solutions for high demanding operations.

rail maintenance equipment

With the 62.05 Vertical Tamper series and the Modular Battery Powered series ROBEL recently introduced innovative products to the market which provide maximum customer benefit.

Expansion of the ROBEL 62.05 Vertical Tamper series

Whether it be the challenges of the place of deployment, the condition of the ballast bed or the power supply available on the worksite – ROBEL has the appropriate vertical tamper. In the course of rectifying running surface level errors the 62.05 Vertical Tamper enables for ballast to flow underneath the sleeper and then compacts it optimally. Thanks to this non-destructive interlocking the ballast retains its stabilising properties and at the same time the sleeper is prevented from damage.

The complete 62.05 Vertical Tamper series has patented vibration decoupling on two levels which enables the operator to work comfortably and ergonomically due to the low hand-arm vibration.

All ROBEL vertical tampers are equipped with a newly developed tamping tool. If necessary, the operator can replace it easily and quickly on site.

The customer can choose between a petrol engine and an electric motor. The electric motor version is optimised with regard to noise and is maintenance- and emission-free. The powerful model with a 2-stroke engine works impressively in heavy maintenance tasks and on large work sites. On the petrol version the exhaust gas is conducted downward, away from the operator, and thus provides comfortable handling.

The use of the 62.05 Vertical Tamper „Light“ is ideally suited when working only on selected sleepers. Its low weight of 18.85 kg makes transport to the work site and working easier for the operator whilst providing nearly the same power.

Silent – Emission-free – light weight: The battery powered ROBEL machines for railway constructions

ROBEL´s modular Battery Powered series consisting of the 30.20 Rechargeable Impact Wrench and the 10.20 Rechargeable Rail Drilling Machine, serve the growing trend towards ergonomic and economic work on the track.

The Modular Battery Powered series uses an identical and changeable energy storage for a flexible employment in different machines. The 30.20 Rechargeable Impact Wrench and the 10.20 Rechargeable Rail Drilling Machine dispose on equal energy storage. Batteries can be easily exchanged on site. In comparison to conventional machines the battery powered ROBEL products have less weight, work emission-free and with low noise.

Therefore the products are comfortable in use and ideally suited for working in tunnels and underground as well as in urban environments.

Both machines offer short drilling and wrenching times as well as immediate availability of the charged machines. As a result time savings of up to 25% can be achieved.

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