Funds are collected for a unique rail bus in Poland

Railway enthusiasts want to buy a decommissioned SA101 / 121-001 rail bus from the Polregio carrier. A fundraiser has been organized on the Internet in order to prevent the historic rolling stock from being cut into scrap metal. The fact is that only 6 units of such machines were produced, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to

Funds are collected for a unique rail bus in Poland
Fot. Maciej Bulski / Damian Otta

The rail bus was manufactured by ZNTK Poznań in 1991. The SA101 and SA121 series were the prototypes of the Polish rail buses of the 207M series. For 6 years, only 6 units were produced, three of which are two-section (SA101) and three others are three-section SA102.

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One of these diesel trains, SA102-002, is a museum piece at the Railway Museum in Jaworzyn lska. This object has been included in the register of monuments since 2017.

The first copy of the series is planned to be made an exhibit for the Museum “Locomotive depot in Koscierzyn”. All other railcars have already been written off earlier.

Currently, enthusiasts have managed to collect over 1.2 thousand zlotys out of the required 30 thousand zlotys (6.5 thousand euros). Donations were made by 35 participants. However, the fundraising has just started; the organizers have more than 50 days left.


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