Preparations for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in China are in full swing. The holiday period, which peaks on Sunday, January 22, is traditionally the busiest transportation period in China. Even more this year as more passengers will board trains to return home following the Chinese government’s easing of Covid-19 policies. However, despite the hype on the rail network, China Railways is reassuring that freight traffic will not be affected. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailFreigth.


China’s state news agency Xinhua reports that passenger rail traffic this year will be unprecedented. The total number of passenger traffic for the year will reach 2.1 billion, which is almost twice as much as last year.

Past experience shows that during the Chinese Spring Festival, when a large part of the Chinese population decides to travel, passenger traffic can take up a large part of the rail network’s capacity. However, this year it is not so.

Ukrposhta wagon is ready for international service

“Unlike the previous Spring Festival, when transport was characterised by more passenger trips and less cargo volume, transportation demand for specific cargo types was on the rise this year. Currently, all is going well, major traffic arteries and hubs are running smoothly, and key logistics indicators keep improving,” noted the Chinese vice minister of transport, Xu Chengguang, to Xinhua.

In fact, the arrival of the first train from Kazakhstan to Xi’an is a testament to China Railways’ commitment to keeping rail freight moving without slowing down. The train, which arrived at Xi’an International Port on Friday, January 13, was loaded with 1,300 tons of flour intended for use during the festive period.

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