DIESEL GROUP: Wheelsets turning without rolling them out

To reduce the risk of locomotive derailment and destruction of the railway track, it is necessary to periodically turn wheelsets. Wheelsets turning increases the service life of the wheelset, reduces the downtime of railway equipment.

Wheelsets turning without rolling them out

When turning wheelsets with stationary machines, a number of problems arise. First of all, this is the relocation of a locomotive, a carriage or a dismantled wheelset, which leads to a long-term downtime of the rolling stock.

Specialists of LLC “DIESEL GROUP” perform wheelsets turning on the territory of the Customer with mobile equipment and without rolling wheelsets out.

The main principles of GROUP DIESEL are the quality and strict observance of the work in accordance with the terms of the contracts, the provision of guarantees for repaired equipment, a flexible pricing system and an individual approach to each client.


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DIESEL GROUP: Diesel locomotives repair