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GROUP DIESEL LTD is engaged in scheduled and preventive repairs, on-site repair services and after-sales services of the locomotives of various types and upgrades these locomotives to meet modern needs and in accordance with technical capabilities.

When maintaining locomotives (TGK2, TGM1, TGM23, TGM40, TGM3, TGM4, TGM6, TEM2 and CME3) we repair diesel engines, hydraulic gears, electric machines and compressors.

GROUP DIESEL can make wheel truing with portable lathes on-site or in shop.

Also we conduct overhauls of railway and marine diesel engines including:
• CH10,5/13 and CH12/14 Yuzhdieselmash, Tokmak
• D6, D12 (CH15/18) Barnaultransmash
• CH18/22 «Khabarovets» Daldiesel;
• 211D-3 (6CH21/21) Maminykh plant;
• D49 (CHN26/26) Kolomna plant;
• D50 (6CH31,8/33) Penza plant;
• K6S310DR of CME3 locomotive.

The main principles of GROUP DIESEL are the quality and strict observance of the work in accordance with the terms of the contracts, the provision of guarantees for repaired equipment, a flexible pricing system and an individual approach to each client.

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