DB freight train of the future will be hauled by a dual-mode Siemens Vectron locomotive.
German Rail (DB) Board Member for Freight Transport Dr. Sigrid Nikutta presented the freight train of the future at InnoTrans in Berlin. The train has a dual-mode locomotive, innovative modular cars, a new European digital automatic coupler (DAC) and a digital information system. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, citing IRJ.

freight train

The train is towed by a Siemens Vectron locomotive, which can be powered by a 15 kV 16.7 Hz contact network or a biodiesel engine. Diesel is needed to operate on non-electrified lines or at stations and terminals, with the idea of ​​eliminating the use of shunting diesel locomotives. A locomotive with a speed of 120 km/h has a power of 2.21 MW in electric mode and 926 kW in diesel mode. It is equipped with a 1500 liter fuel tank. The Vectron has a starting tractive effort of 300 kN and an axle load of 21 tons.

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m2 freight cars of the train are modular and are designed for use with multifunctional loading modules and can be used for the movement of wagon or block trains. They have fittings for container or forklift loading as well as roll-on freight. They can carry from 16 to 19 tons of cargo and have a length of 10.8 to 22.66 m.

The wagons will be connected together with a new DAC, including air and electrical connectors, which are currently being tested in Europe.

The train will also be connected to DB’s link2rail digital information system, which manages wagon ordering, billing and what DB calls “the best wagon tracking system on the railroad.”

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